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Definition of cookies
A cookie is a small file that the website requests to store on the computer of anyone who visits a website. The file contains certain information about the user along with a time stamp.

Your web browser saves this file in a special place on your computer and returns the information in the cookie to the website you visited at the request of various pages/images on the website.

Two types of cookies
The cookies on this site are used to enhance the user experience and optimize the site. There are two types of cookies:

  • The first type is called a permanent cookie. It saves a file that remains on the visitor’s computer. Permanent cookies are used for various purposes such as adapting a website according to the visitors’ preferences, choices and interests, as well as for statistical follow-up.
  • The second type is called a session cookie. This cookie is temporarily stored on the visitor’s computer when they visit a website. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Our website uses both session cookies and permanent cookies. No matter what type of cookie is used on this site, no personal information about the visitor (such as their email address or name) is saved.

Brief Information Regarding the Swedish Law on Electronic
CommunicationsAccording to the Law on Electronic Communications (SFS 2003: 389), which came into effect on 25 July, 2003 and was amended on 1 July, 2011, anyone who visits a website with cookies must receive information about whether that website contains cookies (almost all websites use some form of cookies and/or comparable services such as web statistics systems which in turn use cookies) as well as information regarding the purposes of such cookies.

Visitors must also be informed regarding how the cookies can be avoided. Visitors must also be given the opportunity to agree that cookies can be used during their use of the website ⁠— that is, they must give permission for the website to store the cookies on their computer.

You can change the settings of your browser if you want to prevent the use of cookies (see more below). Otherwise, we operate using a user’s consent, and there are no established rules surrounding the new law. On this website we interpret the law to mean that users give their consent to cookies by using their browser settings and/or other tools for managing cookies to allow such files on their computer.

Cookie Management
If you choose not to accept the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies via your browser’s security settings. You can also set the browser to warn you each time a website tries to store a cookie on your computer. Your web browser will also have the option to delete previously stored cookies.

See the browser’s help pages for additional information on how to see which cookies are stored in your browser, how to delete them, and how to alter the settings for whether your browser should store cookies.

The use of cookies for advertising

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Views reporting for the Google Display Network
  • Demographic and interest reports for Google Analytics

If you do not want us to collect and use information that can be used for advertising, you can opt out with Google’s services here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/