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What do you crave? With us, you can choose from all sorts of gourmet experiences: raw food at our Garden Café, modern home cooking with twist in our golf restaurant Greenhouse, stylish bar fare at the Bula Bar, or innovative and locally produced gourmet finery at Inez & Ernst.


You will instantly taste the passion we have for food and drink the moment you take your first bite. Whether you are a hotel guest or just want to pass by to dine at your leisure, everyone is welcome to join us.

Book your table (031-348 40 04)


Having trouble choosing a place to eat? Take a look around our various options and see what each one has to offer as well as the hours each one keeps. Hopefully, that way it will be a bit easier to choose where you want to dine.

Inez & Ernst

That incredible feeling when everything, from the furniture to the wine cellar, have been carefully cultivated to beautifully pair with the food. Our skilled chefs create utter magic with finely selected ingredients that guarantee a dining experience well beyond the ordinary. And feel free to stay for a good long while well after you’ve taken your last bite...

Bula Bar Sankt Jörgen Park

Bula Bar

Looking for something a bit easier? A place where you can relax and just enjoy a long list of carefully curated microbrews? Then welcome to our comfortable lounge in the Bula Bar. Okay, the food is anything but simple, but trust us, it’s easy to enjoy. Of course, there is also a solid list of drinks and an array of snacks that further enhance the moment.

Garden Café Sankt Jörgen Park

Garden Café

Every day the Garden café serves their spa buffet, a luxurious array of food that could convert even those most ardently opposed to vegetables. With so many exciting flavours to experience, you should take care not to miss anything in this gorgeous palette of tastes and aromas. Colourful, nutritious, and always fresh — the perfect complement to a day at the spa. But no need to come in a bathrobe! All lunch guests are equally welcome!

Greenhouse lunch


You needn’t have just come from the golf course to enjoy a well-prepared lunch at our golfside restaurant — many of our guests have never even touched a five iron. Here we serve modern home cooking with a twist. We always have two luxurious dishes to choose from as well as tasty vegetarian options and an exclusive clubhouse sandwich. On the weekends, if the weather allows it, we bring out the barbecue to offer delicious grilled entrees.

Frukost på Sankt Jörgen Park


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Bröllop på Sankt Jörgen Park


Not to brag, but we have the perfect premises and the very best staff — the ideal ingredients to make your event into the extraordinary affair that it truly is. We’ve got an amazing venue and lively atmosphere for any event you could imagine: a cheery holiday, a new product launch, a kick off with your colleagues, a festive Christmas conference, a big sporting event, or the most important day of life: your special wedding day. Plus, if you so desire, you can even rent our entire unique facility for yourself.

Give us a call at 031-348 40 40 so we can tailor the perfect event exactly to your wishes.

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