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There are few mixtures so universally loved and genuinely energizing as the combination of our amazing conference facilities with a visit to our award-winning spa. Getting away from the office helps maximise creativity in a completely new environment, by varying the way your team focuses, introducing changes in environment and tempo, and by taking advantage of the mind-stimulating contrast between heat and cold — the perfect recipe for a really productive conference!


We offer several exciting options at our spa where your group can combine one of our fun or relaxing activities with an invigorating or relaxing spa treatment from one of our talented spa therapists. Our Spa Ritual and various spa treatments can really help create the perfect spa event for you and your team! Energize, Relax, or Purify — which do you want to focus on?

Energizer Rio

An energizing and exhilarating activity full of the bright scents of coconut and lime!

The Energizer Rio is a very popular spa activity that combines heat with cold and deep relaxation with energizing ritual:

  • Start with a nice body scrub in the Ritual Showers or in our new washing room, before continuing on to…
  • …our sensual Sauna Ritual, Aufguss. “Aufguss” translates as a “pouring on”, a relaxing activity that entails a cascade of essential oils along with water to create a steam which releases a fantastic aroma of heat and energy. A towel is used in the spa to perform a waving motion that helps transfer the heat around the room and to your bodies. Now which of the gang can endure the longest?
  • An ice rub awaits you between the sauna sessions for an elegant contrast.
  • Now it’s time for a refreshing dip in the Kallkällan, our cold spring — chilly but extremely nice!
  • You end the session with a glass of bubbly and a fresh fruit plate by our outdoor springs or in the Garden Café (depending on the weather).

Time: Approximately 1–1.5 hours
Number of participants: 6–30
Price: 295 SEK (excl. VAT)

You are welcome to call at 031-348 40 50 to book or learn more!

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