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We are always happy to arrange large and small events around golf for you and your colleagues. Challenge colleagues, suppliers, or partners — perhaps even all at the same time? Whether you want to organize a competition amongst your co-workers or are looking to arrange a larger event for partners and sponsors, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you would like to introduce your team to the fantastic world of golf with an organized training camp. Our golf professionals love everything about their sport and are always thrilled to work with new teams both large and small. Let us help you realize your ambitions so that you can achieve your goals.

Sankt Jörgen Park Golf

We can host between 40–50 events of various sizes during a single season. Our guests in the past have expressed wishes for these events that have varied widely, meaning that we have a lot of experience with all sorts of unique combinations at the resort — all to give your guests and attendees a fantastic and memorable experience. Our long history and extensive expertise in organizing golf events really comes to fruition so that we can be an effective and creative partner in your activity planning.

If you are interested in booking or just want to know more, please call us at 031-348 40 50! And you can always read more on Sankt Jörgen Park Golf’s website.

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Please fill in your details and preferences regarding your conference below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with information, tips, and more. Or you can reach us directly by phone at 031-348 40 50 or by email at es.kr1701314807apneg1701314807rojtk1701314807nas@g1701314807ninko1701314807bsner1701314807efnok1701314807.


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