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Spice up your conference with an activity that engages all of your senses: add a luxurious wine tasting or other drink activity to your conference! At Sankt Jörgen Park in Gothenburg we offer a wide range of events to complement your conference — whether you want to focus on exercise and activities for team building or prefer something with a more relaxed vibe, we have it all!


One very popular conference event is to follow along with our sommelier as they guide you through different grape varieties and flavours. We have tremendous passion for food and drink combinations and strongly believe in their interactive potential. To this end, we offer a variety of specialities from all four of our different restaurants, each one with its own unique focus. Whether you’re in the mood for urban-inspired raw ingredients or more classic flavours with a touch of home cooking, we have it all.

Whatever your tastes, we look forward to arranging a food and drink event that is the perfect match for your conference!


  • Different wines paired with a variety of cheeses to determine which pairing is best
  • Finding the best beverage complement with your dinner
  • Experiences with pairing wine with a variety of foods
  • An exploration into the most popular flavour combinations

Adding an event focusing on food and drink is the perfect way to round off a long conference event; it also works as a pleasant activity to bring everyone together before dinner. This is just a small selection of the drink-centric activities we offer; please contact us if you would like to find out more or hear additional suggestions.

You are more than welcome to call at 031-348 40 50 to book or learn more!

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Please fill in your details and preferences regarding your conference below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with information, tips, and more. Or you can reach us directly by phone at 031-348 40 50 or by email at es.kr1702207091apneg1702207091rojtk1702207091nas@g1702207091ninko1702207091bsner1702207091efnok1702207091.


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