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Dance to the sound of drums with strong, powerful and earthy movements in a dynamic barefoot rhythm. In this exciting class, we go through several different moves inspired by African dance and music. A great way to train, practice your coordination, and get lots of exercise pleasure!


Water training that has been specially adapted to our spa environment. Here we work with both fitness and strength with or without additional equipment. This is an intense 30 min session where you will work vigorously and then take time to stretch afterward. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If you do not have a spa card, you must leave the area 5 minutes after the class has ended. A shower is mandatory before entering the pool.


Practice relaxing and calm movements in the water accompanied by soothing music. A session that promotes healthy well-being and harmony between the body and soul! Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If you do not have a spa card, you must leave the area 5 minutes after the class has ended. A shower is mandatory before entering the pool.


A blend of yoga, pilates and tai chi that will bring you focus and calm. This session trains your strength and mobility all while accompanied by pleasant music. The class ends with a soothing relaxation period.


Three exercises in one: This 45-minute session focusses on fitness, balance, and strength. Feel your pulse quicken, your muscles grow strong, and your body find its balance. A great workout session for those who may consider GRIT to be a bit too tough but still want a high level of fitness, strength and mobility.


Strength training with barbells that work all the muscle groups of the body. A great way to maximize training in minimal time!


A simple and fun interval training session in just 45 minutes. Simple step combinations on a step board are interspersed with strength exercises to train the entire body. Get your heart pumping with this fun and athletic step class where the keywords are energy, power, and joy! This class combines effective cardio training, body-weight exercises, and even training with weights. The choreography changes every 3 months to keep things fresh, and the same routine is used every Tuesday & Sunday.


A highly effective way to train strength, fitness and coordination all at the same time! This class develops the basics of boxing alongside simple kicking techniques. The 30-minute session will employ interval training that makes use of the various boxing gear to maximize your training, and you’ll primarily be using gloves and mitts as your main gear. Get ready for a sweaty and intense workout that serves as a great strength routine for your shoulders, arms and torso. Excellent for those who work in sedentary positions. Come by yourself or with a friend — if you’re lucky, you might even get the instructor as your sparring partner! The class is 30 minutes long and is scheduled for Mondays.


A simple but tough interval training session. Simple step combinations on the step board are interspersed with strength exercises to train the entire body.


A fun and rewarding workout that strengthens your entire body. Here we use interval training through body-weight exercises, TRX equipment, battlerope and free weights. The session uses a station format for its exercises.


A station-based class in small groups that will increase your strength, explosive power and agility. An awesome all-round session with various multi-functional exercises for those who want to train the entire body. This session uses interval training, often changing up the routine to provide even greater challenge and to maximize results. Makes frequent use of the crosscage area found in our gym. Suitable for both beginners and experienced participants.


30–30 minutes of dynamic exercises that train the stomach, back and buttocks. A class where you strengthen your entire body that also works to prevent injuries. Short but effective!


A fun dance class with simple steps to great music that boosts your body and fills you with energy. Move and feel the rhythm with joy!


Trigger points are small nodules that develop in a muscle when it is damaged or overworked. Trigger Point Therapy helps to relieve muscle pain and other aches in these stressed areas. It is also designed to help you rebuild the muscles and to restore mobility to the effected joints. Our GRID classes utilize rollers and balls to interact with the different parts of our body as efficiently as possible.


A theoretical review of various exercises in the gym — that way you can start training at the gym on your own time and by yourself whenever you like!


Physical and technique training! A fun and challenging class where you use your whole body. These function exercises train your agility, strength by refining your technique and fitness. This is a relatively high-intensity class, but you get out of it what you put in! The class includes various jumps, net climbing, as well as hanging from rings and ropes.


MAQ training is designed to improve your posture and provide you with greater mobility and torso stability. It utilizes a specialized training technique to ensure that you don’t put your body under undue stress. The session mainly relies on body-weight exercises but also employs simple tools such as MAQ rods and rubber bands for greater effectiveness. Here you are “Training to be able to train”.


This class focusses on the deep inner muscles of the torso. It provides better posture, greater balance, a stronger back, and better body awareness.


Efficient fitness on a spin bike! Pedal at different intensities while listening to captivating music. You can alter the intensity yourself based on your level of fitness. Sessions are 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min in duration (the 30-minute session does not have any stretching component).


A shorter class where we integrate some interval training, a highly effective way to increase and improve your overall fitness. A short and intensive session!


A spin class combined with the Polar pulse heart rate monitoring system. The Polar monitor makes it easier to find exactly the right level of intensity to get maximum results. Motivating and fun. Available in 45 min or 60 min sessions.


Custom group training designed for members 65 years of age and older.


According to several studies, interval training where you expend intense physical effort for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight cycles is the optimal combination for developing strength and fitness. Train for as many repetitions as you can while keeping up good form and technique. Go for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 — repeat 8 times, and then you’re done. We build the class to focus on the various muscle groups and the exercises vary from session to session.
Perfect for those who want to train both fitness and strength together!


An interval training class that offers both fitness and strength exercises. Utilizes mostly body-weight exercise but sometimes other equipment is used.


A 45-minute class where you work in several planes of motion. You will soon discover several new muscles that you never even knew you had, all in the way of living stronger and better each and every day. This class uses the Procedos 3D mat both with and without weights. A class that works the heart and does wonders for your strength!


A 30-minute high-intensity class where you work well outside of your usual “comfort zone”. The class uses barbell & plates for added training, and combines these with functional strength exercises alongside pulse-raising challenges. A great way to get results quickly!


A holistic training session that utilizes both athleticism and softer techniques. The class combines rhythmic movement, breathing, active presence, intensive workouts, animal tones, gymnastic exercises, and barefoot training. SOMA MOVE® is a form of exercise where strength becomes agility and agility becomes strength!


Zumba Dance will train your entire body. Zumba is so fun you will quickly forget that you’re actually doing an intense workout. Effective training with a beautiful Latin rhythm.


Embodied Yin — A softer form of yoga that invites you to the deepest experience of yourself. Achieve this mental state through yin positions, meditative movements, deep breathing, silent mantras, and guided imagery, giving yourself over to the incarnation of the wisdom of the five elements of classical Chinese medicine.

Physical Yoga — A more challenging yoga style that utilizes positions with a greater dynamism and flow. A bit more intense when it comes to strength, energy and technique. Can be performed by those who are new to yoga but is designed for those who are well-coordinated and relatively experienced.

Functional yoga — Yoga meant to accompany training and fitness. Designed to stretch your body to increase mobility & agility. This style of yoga was designed to get better results from more intense training in other regiments.

Mindful Yoga — A simpler yoga style with fewer positions but where we hold a little longer in each one. A quiet, enduring, and contemplative session. Can be performed by those who are new to yoga but is also great for those who are well-coordinated and relatively experienced.

Morning Yoga ⁠— This is a yoga class that focusses on the movement of the entire body, working the hips, buttocks, back, chest, and shoulders. A class that helps stress the muscles and relieve the tensions built up by other types of training such as strength exercises, running, cycling, or even the stresses accumulated from a sedentary lifestyle. The yoga also improves our posture — the more flexible we are, the easier it is to find our inner stability and hold ourselves upright.

YinYoga — A style of yoga designed to help strengthen the mind, increase your breathing capacity, and to practice meditation. This is a tranquil form of yoga where you hold positions for a long time to soften the deep connective tissue. These enduring exercises provide the muscles with better oxygen flow and relax all parts of your body. (YinYoga classes are offered on the last Sunday of every month, replacing the Mindful Yoga session scheduled for this time.)

Vinyasa Flow — A calm & flowing yoga style that is easy-going. A playful technique with a twinkle in its eye, it gets a lot done without having to be too tough. “Vinyasa” loosely translates as “to place something in a special way”, and these yoga positions compose your body in unique and profound arrangements. Vinyasa yoga coordinates your movement with the inhalations and exhalations of your breath as you flow serenely through the various sequences of positions.