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Welcome to a whole other world. This is a holistic place, thoughtfully designed for everyone who comes here, no matter who you are or how you wish to train. We strive to provide everyone with the very best conditions for their long-term health and well-being — whether you are looking for contemplative meditation or heart-pounding exercise, a mental challenge or elite physical effort, we have the skills and technology to help you. We believe in a holistic way of training, and along with our fantastic facilities, our in-depth knowledge and our extensive experience, we can provide you with the perfect environment and a top-notch training session. Our coaches and instructors are always ready to help you be your best self. We look forward to training together!

Monday–Friday: 06.30 – 21.00
Saturday–Sunday: 07.00 – 21.00

Sport Club Sankt Jörgen Park

Training sessions

The best membership you could ask for. The list of activities is long and plentiful, ranging from boxing and body pump to water exercises and Afrodance.

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Here you will find our current training schedule.

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In order for you to enjoy yourself and get the very most out of your time here, we’ve collected some tips and advice, along with a few rules that we’ve implemented to ensure everyone has a great time.

  • Always register your membership card before joining a training session.
  • No children are allowed in the gym or exercise room. Individuals 13 years of age or older may train in the gym or participate in a group session if accompanied by an adult. The earliest an individual can obtain a membership is the year that the guest turns 15 years of age.
  • Only clean indoor shoes are allowed in our indoor premises.
  • You can book a session 24/7 via the internet or by phone (tel: 031-348 40 30) one week before the scheduled time. There is a maximum of 7 classes per week. If you have to cancel a booking, you must do so no later than two hours before the appointed time. Failing to cancel a class in time will result in a charge of 50 SEK/class. You may not book another class if you owe an outstanding debt of 100 SEK (i.e. having failed to cancel properly for two classes), but you can book again once you have paid the fees.
  • If you are late for a class and were unable to obtain a ticket, please notify us at reception so we can rebook you; if you do not let us know, it may be marked as a missed class and you will be billed accordingly.
  • You can reserve a spot in a class up to two hours before the session begins. If you book a spot after this, your spot is not guaranteed, and instead free places will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is your responsibility to follow up on your booking to ensure it has fully gone through (regular bookings are subject to the rules above).
  • Make sure you arrive to class on time! We release unclaimed spots ten minutes before the class starts. If you have not picked up your ticket by this time, your spot may go to drop-in guests.
  • When the class has begun and the instructor has closed the door, you are prohibited from entering the hall. This is for safety reasons and to respect the participants already inside. You are welcome to book a new class or work out in our gym instead.
  • A good rule of courtesy is to allow other members and guests to use workout equipment if you are resting between sets. And for everyone’s enjoyment and safety, please do not forget to wipe down the machines after you use them to clean away any residual sweat.
  • Please always wipe down all fitness equipment and mats after you use them.
  • Always make sure to replace weights, handles, gear, mats, etc. in their proper place after using them to ensure the next person can easily access the equipment.
  • Please respect our opening hours by being fully showered and ready to leave by the time we close.
  • Those with senior cards or day cards have access to the gym before 14:00 every day.
  • If you have a Sports/Spa card, you have access to the spa from 15:00 on Sunday to 15:00 on Friday.
  • Remember to empty out your locker once you have completed your workout so other members can make use of it.

Important! Everyone who participates in our aqua classes must shower and wash before the class. Because these classes are in such high demand, you may only book one aqua class per day. If there are places available for subsequent aqua sessions, you may book them on the same day.


Membership with us is a glorious thing! Our training sessions are filled with activities and inspirational advice for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, our members get many other membership benefits here at the resort.

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