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Tired of not getting the results you want? Interested in getting some assistance so you can construct a more planned and structured approach when it comes to exercise and diet? Contact one of our amazing and experienced coaches below.

We offer coaching in:

Personal training (PT) / Mental training / Diet counselling / Elite Performance


In our opinion, everyone should take the time at some point to get some tailored personal training. PT can really help provide a useful overview of how your body works and what exactly you should do to train it, as well as giving valuable information about what you specifically should work on. Personal training comes as a package of one, five, ten, or twenty hours and always includes a free consultation so you can work with a personal trainer to find the option that suits you best.


Vigorous mental training has received more and more attention over the years, and the effects of successful mental exercises have become increasingly prevalent. It is an important part of our physical training and greatly affects our overall performance in tons of subtle ways.

Booking one or more mental training session can really help you work on your goals, boost your self-esteem, or increase your focus so you can perform better — both when it comes to training but also for life in general.


What we eat and drink is what constitutes our body and determines our energy base — hence this is the crucial foundation for our performance and recovery. Having a structured dietary plan that has been especially adapted to your individual is a crucial prerequisite for increasing our performance, development, and overall well-being. We can help you figure out a dietary plan that works well for you and will help you achieve your goals, and with our skilled counsellors, you’ll find something that really works!


Are you an active athlete who wants to take the next step in your development? Our Elite Performance initiative is aimed at athletes who are looking to perform at an extremely high or even elite level. It is a program designed to help you operate at your peak, engaging in the heights of fitness training, rehabilitation, or summer/winter training both before, during, and after the prime season.

We have counsellors and instructors who have considerable expertise when it comes to physical fitness, exercise recovery, muscle training, and connective tissue development for elite and professional athletes. We know the high demands that are placed on your body and we’re here to make sure you can perform at your best.
Our fitness coaches have worked with elite athletes in many fields and sports including ice hockey, football, tennis, golf, floorball, and volleyball.



With me you’ll be getting challenging, fun, and above all effective training sessions based specifically on your goals!

I have many years of experience as a personal trainer and have worked with many forms of exercise, both when it comes to weight training and cardio. I also have a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to various sports. I see it as my job to help you reach your goals so that you can see and feel the results even faster than you expected!

Why settle for 50% when you can get 100% efficiency from your workout?

With your strong commitment combined with my knowledge and experience, together we’re certain to succeed in achieving your goals! Whether you’ve had experience in the gym before or you’re coming to me as a beginner, I’ll make sure to give you a tailored workout regimen that meets your specific needs. I believe that everyone can succeed, and to that end, I promise to give you 110% of my own commitment and motivation!

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My ambition is to improve your well-being so that you can function as optimally as possible — whether you aspire for a fit and toned body or just to be healthy every single day, I strive to help in every way I can. I start by creating a personalized training plan that is inspiring, safe and effective; it can even be paired with a healthy diet and general lifestyle changes that we develop together. It’s all about your own goals and how we can fulfil them together. Whether you’re having trouble “getting started”, cleaning up your technique, or figuring out the best way to strengthen your body before it’s too late, I’m here to help.

If you want to take your training to the next level, then it is time to step up. Maybe you just need the knowledge, a bit of guidance, or that “pep” in your step — these are all the things that a good personal trainer excels at, and I aspire to give to each and every one of my clients every single time.

Let’s discuss what you’re aiming for so that we can set up motivational, challenging and realistic goals along with a plan that we can actually maintain — and most importantly, let’s do it together.

Together we can achieve so much more!

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Mobile phone: 072-323 20 38

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“Today’s training is for tomorrow’s strength!”

You are unique — that means that your goals, your specific needs, and the workouts that help you best are also going to be unique. A large part of achieving real results is about taking care of your individual body through proper nutrition and by actively exercising your body with the movement and power for which it was truly made.

As a personal trainer and mental coach, I have the expertise and experience that translates into concrete results. Through smart and effective training we will develop tools to help you eliminate obstacles and strengthen your mindset.
I have many years of experience developing various forms of group training as well as having cultivated several styles of personal training. Over that time, I have developed a toolkit filled with creative and inspiring techniques that help you get the results you want.

As your personal trainer, I will challenge you to vigorous bodily exercise and powerful mental strategies that will help you achieve your goals!
When you’re ready to become a stronger, more agile, and more sustainable version of yourself, I look forward to working with you to help you get there!

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As a personal trainer, I believe it’s my job to bring my excitement, energy and joy when it comes to exercise to make your training sessions better and more effective. We’ll work together to fulfil your individual and unique goals — and no one else’s. Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, or just generally become stronger, I make sure to give you everything you need to achieve your goals faster than you ever expected!

My goal with our training is to find joy in the movement and exercise itself. Every single session should feel comfortable and, above all, satisfying. I also work with dietary counselling & as well as training and motivational coaching.

I look forward to our meeting regardless of your previous experience!

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Mobile phone: 070-600 96 24

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“With your will and my knowledge we take your training to unmatched heights!”

For some of us it is a necessary evil, something we feel we must do and for others it is something we long to do and something we are passionate about. A lifestyle. No matter what your answer to the question is, I argue that there is a form of training for everyone.

By working individually and listening to your past experiences and set goals, I am convinced that I will make you think it is fun to work out. I have many years of experience in the fitness industry and I love to inspire and motivate for a healthier and more physically active life!

I train both elite athletes and beginners.

Email: es.kr1701318604apneg1701318604rojtk1701318604nas@n1701318604ossna1701318604itsir1701318604hc.ad1701318604nil1701318604
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“Physical strength brings mental strength”

You never know how much better you could feel until you’ve actually tried to bring about change. There is no better investment than your own health — it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your surroundings. If you want to maximize your well-being by taking the time to truly tend to yourself, your health, your energy levels and your own abilities, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a personal trainer and osteopathic therapist, I strive to act as a guide and lend you a helping hand every step of the way. I will work wholeheartedly to be an active and spirited presence to cheer you on and assist you in achieving the goals and ambitions that you have set personally for yourself.

We’ll work together to focus on your strength and well-being regardless of your starting point or goals. Whether you are looking to develop muscle, prevent injuries, lose weight, gain mass, refine your technique, build up a core training regimen, or anything else you have your mind set on, together we’ll set up a suitable plan for you.

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