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Our Sport Club is unlike all others. With us, exercise becomes so much more than merely burning calories — it becomes a lifestyle. You’ll notice the difference from the moment you step in. We have taken great care to cultivate a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to movement and activity. We always make sure to keep the latest equipment on hand to ensure that our gym challenges you to become your very best self. Our group training sessions are of the highest quality, letting you exercise with knowledgeable instructors and licenced personal trainers. If you want to add a bit of diversity into your regiment, we can heartily suggest a go or three in our speciality obstacle course, our water training arena, or even a vigorous workout in the fresh air in our outdoor gym. Or if you come in the winter when the snow covers the ground, you can even go cross-country skiing.

Monday-Friday: 06.30 – 21.00
Saturday-Sunday: 07.00 – 21.00


Welcome to a unique training facility well beyond the ordinary. When you are here, it’s easy to keep up with your training regimen even while you’re travelling. Join in on some of our group workouts, take a spin in our water training area, unwind before tackling our challenging obstacle course, or take a jaunt on our running tracks before breakfast. Plus, once you’ve completed your session, collect yourself (and catch your breath!) in our wonderful relaxation area. Our Sport Club is not only for hotel guests — anyone is welcome to a membership so that they can realize the dream of a more beautiful life in a healthier, more energetic body.



Our training philosophy and constant ambition is to offer everyone a holistic and thoughtful place to exercise and achieve a healthy lifestyle, regardless of who you are or what your goals may be.

Mensana in corpore sano — A healthy mind in a healthy body. Whether you are an elite exerciser looking to push the limits or you’re someone seeking the tranquil calm of YinYoga, we believe that everyone meets in their common pursuit of achieving positive well-being with a body that feels healthy and strong. Our ardent philosophy goes hand in hand with our expertise and passion, tools we constantly employ to make our Sport Club a masterful and safe partner in your ambitions towards your own individual well-being. We place great importance on coaching to provide each and every individual everything they need to meet their goals. No matter what your journey looks like or what it is you’re after, we are here to guide and motivate you towards your particular line of progress.

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We offer a wide range of exercises and training options. Read here to see some examples of the activities we offer.


A traditional gym with great ventilation, hi-tech machines, and classic free weights. We also offer functional surfaces with TRX, VIPR, pilates balls, jumping boxes and more.


An outdoor gym space with monkey bars, a stand for dips, a battlerope, stumps and a tire. The outdoor gym is located in a lovely green birch grove just 50 metres from the main gym.


Our spin STUDIO features new bodybike-cycles equipped with Activio, a hi-tech heart rate system where you can follow your heart rate during the class.


Our yoga room provides a calm and harmonious atmosphere to practice all sorts of yoga. Here we offer everything from challenging physical yoga to the more relaxing Yin Yoga.


An exhilarating obstacle course with 10 different obstacles — the perfect way to train with various features as well as a great way to add some more diversity to your exercise regimen.


Large selection of different classes within Cardio, Strength and Yoga. Also water training in our Pool Lounge.


We have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to holistic health and exercise training. We use this knowledge to embrace all sorts of training regimens and activities in the pursuit of achieving long-term well-being. Whether you’re looking to find balance in your everyday life, want to improve your time for the big race, or want to maximize your ability for your next grand adventure, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help you achieve it.

No individual’s challenge or goal is too big or too small for us to take seriously and help in every way we can. We are passionate about helping you in your journey, no matter what path you are looking to take.

Give yourself the treatment you deserve — let us make you and your goals the priority, and we’ll work every day to maximize your well-being and guide you on your fitness journey. We know that you’re worth it, and that such noble, vigorous pursuits, no matter how minor or grandiose, are important — and we love helping people accomplish their goals every single day.

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