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We are passionate about art and design here at Sankt Jörgen Park. Our entire hotel is full of colour and art, replete with exquisite architecture and sophisticated design. Experience the beautiful contrast between the lively pulse of activity alongside long and tranquil silences — a graceful balance between tempo and calm, challenge and relaxation, vitality and leisure. Every aspect of your stay is designed to give you a visit full of experiences for all of your senses.


If you’d like to stay in beautiful accommodations with a magical view of the Gothenburg skyline, the only question is whether you want to see the spectacular scene from the terrace or from the bathtub. We have rooms in all four directions, each one offering a unique feel and view all its own. So if the pulse of the city isn’t your style, take a room perched above the golf course and its rolling green hills; or perhaps one overlooking the majesty of the nearby forest and mountains; or you can select something with a placid view of the park’s fitness facilities and the kitchen garden.

All of our rooms have something unique to offer, and it is no exaggeration to say that we have rooms for all tastes. Elegant and austere? An exotic jungle pattern? A feeling of Nordic winter? Sumptuous French decadence? You can stay with us many times over and still enjoy new and fascinating experiences unlike any other. There is no substitute for that incredible feeling you get when you take that first step into a carefully and thoughtfully decorated room, an entire space where design and comfort are the top priorities — two qualities you’ll have in spades regardless of which room you choose.

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