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Whether it’s love, a birthday, a new job, the first days of spring, a big sale, a name’s day, a book contract, a personal record, a graduation, or Mother’s Day — there is always a reason for celebration. And, trust us, the list goes on. Life becomes so much better if you take a moment to celebrate the triumphs in life and take the time to really honour them. Whatever you want to celebrate, we think you should be able to do it with style, finesse, and warmth. To that end, we heartily recommend our Celebration package — the perfect way to put a special gilding on the big events of your life and celebrate them in style.

When you arrive, you’re greeting with a glass of bubbly, and once you’re done and warmed up, our entirely lovely spa is just waiting for you. Choose the Spa ritual that suits your mood and the occasion: something cleansing, revitalizing or soothing, and allow both your body and soul to be embraced gently by a soft heat and vibrant energy for a couple of hours. Our Spa Ritual is truly a magnificent experience for your senses. And if you want a great way to recharge and feel alive, you should check out the many activities of our Sport Club. Then, of course, you can round out the day by taking a swim in the pool.

We then invite you to join us at our fancy little restaurant of Inez & Ernst where you’ll be treated to a deliciously crafted two-course dinner that will really awaken your taste buds. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Price: 1400 SEK/person (Mon–Thurs)
Price: 1600 SEK/person (Friday, Sunday and subject to availability on select Saturdays)

Age Restrictions
Our spa is restricted to guests 18 years of age or older. Guests who are at least 13 years are welcome in the company of an adult who takes full responsibility for their young guest. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

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