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À la carte

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We offer well-prepared, authentic food based on whatever the soil, sea, and wildlife have provided for the season. We have an assortment of cured, smoked, pickled and dried treats right from nature’s pantry, plus a slew of more complex and modern dishes inspired by molecular gastronomy.

Monday–Sunday: 18:00–22:00

– Starters –

Mushroom terrine


Terrine with chantarelles, oyster mushrooms and morel, sabayonne, lemon blanched savoy cabbage and sour diced apples

Baked Cod


Salted and dill baked cod with green peas soup, cream cheese, seaweed powder and pickled & blackened shallots

Deer Tartar

145 Kr

Cured and minced deer with smoked oil, seasoned chantarelles, thyme and roasted garlic emulsion, pickled lingonberries and deep fried shallots

– Main Dishes –

Blackened Char


Cured and blackened Char fillet, anise pickled grapes, cream baked jerusalem artichoke, jerusalem artichoke crisps, and smoked trout roe

Hand of Pork

335 Kr

Blood orange glazed and lightly salted hand of pork, Swedish turnip puree, pomelo- and persimon salad, caramelized macadamia nuts and demi glace

Fillet of Deer

335 Kr

Pan fried Deer fillet, croquette of west botnia cheese, puree of black salsify, sautéed black cabbage, hazelnuts and bull-demi glace with pine tar

Celeriac & Croquette of West Botnia Cheese

335 Kr

Soy baked celeriac, celeriac foam, croquette of west botnia cheese, caramelized shallots, pickled pearl onions, fermented blueberries and grated truffles.

– Desserts –

Swedish Forest

135 Kr

Ice cream from fir, blueberry mousse, white chocolate curd, sugar pickled fir branchlet, crushed white and dark chocolate


135 Kr

Milk chocolate creme, pear and cream cheese ice cream, mint marangue, sesame caramel and lemon pickled pear


135 Kr

Bitter almond creme, milk ice cream, roasted sponge cake, rum pickled blackberries, thin almond sheet and crushed cream cheese

Small treats

45 Kr

Something sweet to accompany a coffee, or to be enjoyed on its own. Please ask your server what we offer tonight

Cheese plate

145 Kr

Two kinds of cheese with crispbread and homemade marmalade. Don't hesitate to ask which cheeses are served tonight